Guest Check-In/Check-Out

Tenants pre-approve guests for visits via an online portal.

Tenants can choose to be alerted via text when their scheduled appointments arrive.

Confirm or Cancel Appointment Schedules via a mobile app

Clear identifying visitor badges indicating host and time period

Access Points

Non-Invasive, hassle free security screening of guests

Control the flow of people and vehicles into your facility.

Quickly obtain visitor count in your facility.

Deploy security personnel to heavy traffic entrances

Manage Facilities

Web based solution, grants secure access to the application through multiple devices i.e. phone, tablet, laptop.

Sharing of information across the Sentinel network gives real-time updates on security risks/alerts.


Tracking and ability to view historical visitor and vehicle logs

Holistic and data analytical view of entrance activity

Rapid search capabilities to pinpoint security incidents

Faster and more effective situational responses in emergencies

About Sentinel

A Customizable and secure Cloud-Based Visitor Management System designed to manage access to buildings by guests, tenants and vehicles.

The solution is mobile and web-based with an easy to use interface that simplifies the security screening process while providing a streamlined, hassle-free guest experience.

The cloud-based database syncs in real-time enabling accurate evacuation data during emergencies, while, immediate updates on flagged security risks, watch-list revisions, verified terror and security alerts supports proactive security measures across all Sentinel properties.

Reporting and Analytics on access activity enables the review of security policies streamlining redeployment of security personnel based on verifiable data.

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