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Sentinel provides a secure and automatic audit trail. Sentinel’s simple but powerful interface provides comprehensive data on people and vehicle access to your facility. Your Data in the Cloud Secure Access to your data from anywhere.

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A Customizable and secure Cloud-Based Visitor Management System designed to manage access to buildings by guests, tenants and vehicles.

Your Data In Cloud

A Customizable and secure Cloud-Based Visitor Management System designed to manage access to buildings by guests, tenants and vehicles.

Mobile and Web-based

The solution is mobile and web-based with an easy to use interface that simplifies the security screening process while providing a streamlined, hassle-free guest experience.


A very secure Cloud-Based Visitor Management System designed to manage access to buildings by guests, tenants and vehicles.

Database Syncs in Real-time

The cloud-based database syncs in real-time enabling accurate evacuation data during emergencies, while, immediate updates on flagged security risks, watch-list revisions,


Reporting and Analytics on access activity enables the review of security policies streamlining redeployment of security personnel based on verifiable data.

Amazing Features

Take a look at Sentinel’s customizable features and the secure based visitor management application designed to manage access to buildings by guests, tenants and vehicles.

Guest Check-In/Check-Out

  • Tenants pre-approve guests for visits via an online portal.
  • Tenants can choose to be alerted via text when their scheduled appointments arrive.
  • Confirm or Cancel Appointment Schedules via a mobile app


  • Tracking and ability to view historical visitor and vehicle logs
  • Holistic and data analytical view of entrance activity
  • Rapid search capabilities to pinpoint security incidents
  • Faster and more effective situational responses in emergencies

Manage Facilities

  • Web based solution, grants secure access to the application through multiple devices i.e. phone, tablet, laptop.
  • Sharing of information across the Sentinel network gives real-time updates on security risks/alerts.

Access Points

  • Non-Invasive, hassle free security screening of guests.
  • Control the flow of people and vehicles into your facility.
  • Quickly obtain visitor count in your facility.
  • Deploy security personnel to heavy traffic entrances.

Why Sentinel is the Best

Sentinel aims to practice mustering by controlling and keeping track of persons and vehicles coming in and out of a facility.

  • Provides reports that shows a history of who has been in and out of your building.
  • Gives you full control of who visits your building.

How Sentinel works

Now Available

Sentinel App is now available in google playstore and apple store.



For starters, regular database maintenance is a must. In most of today’s systems, the database is used to control who is allowed access into buildings or into specific areas within the building. Obviously, keeping this database ...


To properly enact a mustering program, access control devices are installed at all exit points, or at muster stations safety areas where people congregate in the event of an emergency. The visitor management policy must ...


If a business or facility has already invested time and energy into working on maintaining its hardware – doors, readers, and more – it’s also important that as much attention be paid to the access control system’s software and central database...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the Pricing Model?

    Sentinel offers an affordable Software As A Service Subscription Model where the Clients pay a Pre-Paid Quarterly fee to access all features available. All upgrades, feature adds, data access, hardware upgrades are included in this Quarterly Fee. NO hidden or additional fee/charges.

  • 2. How will I know this product is right for me?

    The Sentinel team offers a trial period where the client has the opportunity to fully understand how the system works and integrates with their current security system. In addition to that, we will offer suggestions on how to enhance guest management process.

  • 3. What if our Organization has specialized Security and Guest management processes?

    We at Sentinel understand that no organization is the same, therefore we can customize the system to suit any additional security features that will enhance the overall Guest Management Experience ideal for your organization.

  • 4. Who can access the system once our organization signs up?

    The Management/Administration team of the organization decides who can access the system based on their role in the organization. All Tenants of the registered facility can sign up using the mobile app and access the system at no extra cost.

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